Friday, March 26, 2010

Mount Hood

Highest peak in Oregon
11,240 ft

My son, Aaron, age 8. Superstar!

Sunset view before setting up camp.

Mt. Hood or BUST!

 We hit the trail close to 6pm and began at a fairly leisurly stroll. I wasn't really sure how Aaron would do on a big mountain climb like this so we took it easy and played our way up till close to 9pm and set up camp near the top of the ski lift. It was the last day of july and the groomers were pacing the mountain half the night getting ready for all the skiers that would play below us all day tomorrow.

All geared up and ready to hit the glacier!

I picked this time of year because there would be less snow.... as it turns out, thats the WORSE option! (Chalk that up to my ignorance! :)
*It was late summer and we were on a glacier that was in full melting mode! Sure, it was nearly 80 degrees and I was comfortable in shorts and a tshirt, but the landscape was also enjoying the summer sun and the glaciers were at a steady roar of small streams and the patches of frozen soil were rapidly thawing and letting go of watermelon sized rocks that came rolling down the mountain at us trying to score a spare!

Worlds handsomest little mountaineer!

NOPE! ...can't see the truck anymore!

Break time at the glaciers' edge!

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