Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GLEN CANYON: Lake Powell, Escalante, Utah

I collected maps, 'Backpacker Magazines', read blogs, and studied maps for 2 years waiting for this trip!!! A great friend joined in the adventure after seeing my passion, and it was a hike of a lifetime! We hiked into (and out of) different branches of Glen Canyon 4 times in 5 days! From sandy descents to rope clinging ascents, it was worth every second!

From Amazing canyon rim views, curving slot canyons of brilliant color, desert wildlife and wildflowers, to secluded slot canyons I cannot possibly summarize it ALL in a short time!!! Again, I say, the trip of a lifetime!!!

Day 1 &2: Coyote Gulch
Day 3: Willow Gulch
Day 4: Peek-a-Boo & Spooky Canyons
Day 5: Bryce Canyon
Sure! It's 'MY' passion, but wading through knee deep, ice cold crystal clear water, orange swirling perfectly smooth sandstone walls rising 200 feet on both sides... words cannot describe!

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