Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MT. BORAH: Idaho's highest peak, Lost River Range

If you seek a challenge, this is it! Climbing a verticle mile will get you to the top of the state. It is a strenuous hike/climb that was not as eerie as the blogs and comments that I read through prior to making this trip. If you are in good health and good physical condition, this is a great day hike that WILL take you all day. (Unless, of course, you hang with the guru who ran past us on our way up, only slowing long enough to answer that it only takes him 2 hours to summit instead of the average 5 or 7.)

...just dont look down! (Chicken-Out Ridge)

...take your time! (Final stretch, last 800 vert. ft.)

...and pack enough food and WATER!!!

It took the 2 of us about 8 hrs to summit, and about 5 hrs to hike back on Aug 14, 2008. Jordan, age 10, was congratulated by all who we saw on the trail and given a standing ovation as he poked his weary head over the summit! Packing plenty of water is always the key!
I also made this same climb the previous year with 5 other adult friends. Elevation sickness kept one from reaching the summit, but the rest of us pushed on.
I would do it again!

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