Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SKILLERN HOT SPRINGS: Smokey Mountains, Featherville, Idaho

This is a great hike for ANYONE! The slight elevation changes make this an easy 2.5 mile walk. Nearly the entire hike follows the Big Smokey Creek where catching one of the medium sized trout is a fun challenge!

At times, the trail forks off to a lower trail that requires splashing through the deep creek and back several times, so I've always stuck to the high road.

The hot springs site is just off of the trail but not visible from the trail. Small wooden signs are posted above the springs.

The hot water spills over a small rock wall and fills a perfect sized tub that is completely hidden from any approaching hikers on the trail.


There are several side trails that lead off to the west, such as Calf Creek, and climb up to the ridgeline towards Skillern Peak (8,878 ft).

Snowslide Lake is an outstanding destination in a small depression near the top of the ridge. A shallow, secluded, crystal clear lake hides between the trees and the snow drifts most of the year. A Pristine campsite!!

(bottom) Snowslide lake as we approached it in the evening and (top) a sunrise view from my tent.

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